Facilitation is a process in which the group, with the assistance of a neutral third party (the facilitator), accomplishes a goal. It is a well timed intervention that makes it easier for people to speak openly, make a decision, resolve an issue or generate creative ideas. It requires clarity of role, excellent process design knowledge, the skills and confidence to create tangible results and the ability to deal with any situation that might happen. Facilitation is about walking a fine line between an open discussion and a structured process and most importantly, the ability to move the group forward. Moving forward is done by action, words, many of the available facilitation tools, or even sometimes by one of my favorite tools – silence and inaction - letting and trusting the group to self-organize.

I have planned and facilitated workshops, meetings and conferences for various clients, like strategy development workshops for UniCredit banking group and CROZ IT company or multi day team development meetings for Advocate Europe program.  I am a part of the organizational team, program manager and the facilitator of the QED conference for the last six years, building up a small IT conference to one of the biggest (200+ guests) and most popular IT conferences in Croatia. 

I have experience facilitating several big group processes using Open Space Technology in international conferences and meetings, like Agile Adria conference and Advocate Europe program.